Welcome to the official website of Rangpur City Corporation

Rangpur is one of the oldest Municipality in Bangladesh, which was established in the year 1869. "Rangpur" declared as a District headquarter as on 16 December, 1769. The municipal office building was erected in the year of 1892 under the precedence Raja Janaki Ballav Sen. The Municipality is located in the north western part of Bangladesh.Rangpur is an 'A-1' category Municipality. Rangpur Pourashava has turned into Rangpur City Corporation. According to Local Government (City Corporation) Law, 2009 Government has confirmed it as Rangpur City Corporation vide SRO No. 247-Law/2012 Date: 28-06-2012.


  • To strengthen the local govt.System.
  • To develop the city infrastructure and standarise the livehood of common people through socio-economic development.
  • To render service to the city dwellers low cost and minimum time.


  • To make a proverty free,environment-friendly,beautiful,safe and habitable City.
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