The mayor is the leader of the council and has a number of roles which are both legislative and functional.

The Act states that the mayor not only takes precedence at all municipal proceedings within the corporation but must also take the chair at all meetings of the council at which he or she is present.

The LG Act states that the functions of the Mayor of a Council include:

  • Providing guidance to Councillors about what is expected of a Councillor, including in relation to the role of a Councillor   and the observation of the Councillor Conduct Principals and the Councillor Code of Conduct .
  • Acting as the principal spokesperson for the Council
  • Supporting good working relations between Councillors
  • Carrying out the civic and ceremonial duties of the Office of the Mayor

The mayor’s role, extends well beyond officiating at council meetings or other municipal proceedings and includes providing leadership, promoting positive relationships, and modelling good governance.


Key Contact

Sharfuddin Ahmed Zhantu (State Minister)

Honorable Mayor

Phone: +880521-65186