LAW Unit


  • This department is working for Rangpur City Corporation to look after right, title and interests of RpCC matters (person/property) with respect to legal aspect. It manages to contest the legal disposal of suits through its panel Advocates of the corporation. This department passes legal opinion for case of any legal difficulties whenever any department of the City Corporation requires so for its internal management and for the settlement of legal question between City Corporation and the mass people or any institution within its jurisdiction for the municipal service and facilities. Divorce matter and permission for second marriage of Muslims by religion be decided, settled and allowed by the reconciliation council, the delegated power and functions of the Honorable Mayor be exercised like manner by the Chairman of the council the Zonal Executive Officer, in accordance with the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961. It also takes initiative to restore misappropriated movable & immovable property.
Manpower No
Executive Megistrate 1
Office Assistant 1
Total 2

Contact Person

Executive Megistrate
Mobile: XXXX