Access to Information (A2I) -Innovation Fund Project

  • Improving health care system has always been a significant concern of a2i Programme. Access to Information (a2i) has launched an android mobile application named as ‘MA O SHISHU’. The application will be a nutrition and health guide for every mother and child. Diet chart during pregnancy, child diet plan on every phase of growth, vaccination information and many more healthy living tips will be available from this mobile application. This initiative promptly focuses on decreasing the maternal mortality rate according to Sustainable Development Goal-4. The educated citizens usually tend to be more aware about mother and child health but people living in the rural areas are reluctant about extra health care necessity for pregnant mothers and infants. Through this application, pregnant women and mother of infants will be able to acquire relevant tips and knowledge about being safe and healthy along with their child.
    Once a user installs the application on her android device, a profile of her will be created and she will be provided service according to her month of pregnancy or the age of her child. This has a follow-up system and will guide the mothers to have a healthy delivery and a good child care. Every Health Assistant in Union / Upazilla health complexes have been provided with the access to multiple user profile creation system of the MA O SHISHU application so that women who cannot afford to buy android mobiles can easily create a profile by the help of her nearest health assistant in union or Upazilla complex and will be followed up regularly. This will not only benefit the users but also the Union/Upazilla health assistants to keep detailed record of the patients and notify or enquire about the vaccination process. If the pregnant mother does not own an android phone then any of her family members or friends who have android mobile phone can install the app by the pregnant mother’s name and details. Duly SMS will reach the mother’s mobile to notify her about the doctor’s follow-up and vaccination alerts.\

    Coverage Area : Rangpur City Corporation

    Target : 6000 Child & Pregnant Mother

    Proect Clossing Time : Octobar 2016