• Construct the Foot over Bridges, Underpasses and Develop Low Lying Areas.
  • Take the Necessary Action for the Proper Lighting of the Public Streets.
  • Plant Trees on Public Streets and Other Public Places.
  • Implement the all Kinds of Development Plans.
  • Construct and Repair of Public Markets and Infrastructures of Rangpur City        Corporation.
  • Construct, Maintain and Improve the adequate Drainage system
  • Maintain Graveyerd and Asphalt Plant.

Employee Info

Engineering Department
Superintendant Engineer 1
Executive Engineer 1
Assistant Engineer (Civil) 7
Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) 1
Assistant Engineer (Water) 1
Sub Assistant Engineer (Civil) 7
Sub Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 2
Sub Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) 2
Sub Assistant Engineer (Water) 1
Higher Division Assistant 1
Surveyor 7
Draftsman 1
Work Assistant 22
Duplicating/Photo machine Operator 1
Chainman 2
Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator 3
Gardener 1
M.L.S.S (Peon/Cleaner) 2
Total 63


Key Contact Number:
Md.Amdad Hossain
superintendent Engineer