1.1 [Trigger]_ Initiated_F_20180114

1.2 [Trigger]_MCC Established_F_20180114

1.3 CISC Established_F_20180114

1.4 Mass Public Meeting_F_20180114

2.1 CDCC_F_2018121`

2.2 ARC_F_20180121

2.3 Vision and Mission_F_20180225

2.4 CDU_F_20180225

2.5 Job descriptions_F_20180225

2.6 Kaizen_F_20180225

2.7 CPU_F_20180118

2.8 Standing Committee_F_ 20180118

2.9 Annual Administrative report_F_20180118

3.1 Improvement of Capability of Tax Assessment_F_20180225

3.2 Interim tax assessment Carried out_F_20180225

3.3 Re-identification of source of tax_F_20180225

4.1 Financially Independent Accounting_F_20180225

4.2 Diversify earnings from Business Operated by CCs_F_20180225

4.4 Financial statements prepared_F_20180225

4.3 Integrated Computer System_F_20180225

4.5 Increasing non-tax revenue by inflation rate_F_20180225

4.6 All due debts to GoB and other entities_F_20180225

4.7 Outstanding bills older than 3 months_F_20180225

4.8 Comparison of Budget proposal with Previous year_F_20180225

5.1 [Trigger]_CSCC_F_20180225

5.2 [Trigger]_WLCC_F_20180225

5.3 Integration of Community_F_20180225

5.4 Gender Action Plan (GAP)_F_20180226

5.5 Guidelines for PRAP_F_20180225

5.6 Revision of Citizens Charter_F_20180226

5.7 Guidelines for CRC_F_20180226

5.8 Grivance- Redress Cell (GRC)_F_20180226

Use of CCIDP_F_20180115

6.2 Development Controle Implemented_F_20180114

6.1 Initiate update master plan_F_20180115

6.7 Solid Waste Management_F_20180115

6.6 Sanitary Situation_F_20180115

6.5 Environmental Guidline_F_20180115


7.1 [Trigger]_Awareness Campaign for Rule of Law_F_20180118

7.2 [Trigger]_LEU_F_20180226

7.3 [Trigger]_Capacity Development for Staning Committee_F_20180226





সি জি পি প্রতিবেদন ২০১৮

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2nd Preliminary Performance Review Workshop Report

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2nd Preliminary Performance Review Report Draft Final 17.10.2017

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