Role of CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has a number of responsibilities . These include establishing and maintaining an appropriate organisational structure for the council, managing interactions between council staff and Councillors, ensuring that Council decisions are implemented promptly, providing timely advice to Council, providing timely and reliable advice to the Council about its legal obligations, and overseeing the daily management of council operations following the Council Plan. The CEO is required to support the Mayor in his/her role and develop a code of conduct for council staff.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for appointing, managing, directing and dismissing council staff, and for all other issues that relate to staff.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing interactions between council staff and Councillors, including by ensuring that appropriate policies, practices and protocols are in place to define appropriate arrangements for interactions.

  • The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the City Corporation is appointed by the Government.
  • He is the executive Head of the Organization as well as the Controlling authority of all department activities.
  • In exercising his power and discharging duties he/she will be responsible to the Mayor/Administrator.
  • According to the Local Govt.(City Corporation)Act. 2009,the Mayor/Administrator, if required may delegate any of his executive powers to CEO.
  • Regularly providing councillors with the information they need to fulfil their roles
  • Ensuring that advice from the administration considers the political context which doesn’t mean playing politics but recognises that advice can have political implications
  • Ensuring that council officers and councillors understand the structure of local government and their roles in it
  • Providing support to the mayor and councillors when dealing with councillor conduct issues
  • Helping ensure that all councillors have equal access to information and resources
  • Providing appropriate support for good decision-making processes
  • Developing processes for the major strategic planning exercises which ensure Councillors have plenty of opportunities for input

Key Contact Persons
Aktar Hossain Azad
Deputy Secratary
Chief Executive Officer
Rangpur City Corporation
Phone: +880521-64942
Fax : +880521-659702